Therapy for Women Center Insurance FAQs

Does Therapy for Women Center take insurance? We answer below in addition to other important questions you may have. Contact us at if you have more questions or check out our full FAQ page .

Okay, let’s get into it…

Does Therapy for Women Center Take Insurance?

We do not take insurance directly but we do accept out-of-network benefits. So, if you have out-of-network benefits, you pay us upfront and we provide you with a statement to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. We do not take insurance. Insurance companies require us to diagnose, which can have a negative impact on your ability to get coverage in the future. They dictate how long therapy is. Often, they will only give people a few sessions of coverage and then the therapist has to fight the insurance company to get more sessions. An insurance company can look into your sessions and decide if you are making progress at a rate they are satisfied with or not.

I have out of network benefits, how do I know how much money I will get back?

Call your insurance company directly. Ask them if you have mental health benefits and if you have out-of-network benefits. Ask them what your deductible is. Some people have a very low deductible, other people have a $5,000 deductible. For example, you would have to pay $5,000 out of pocket on medical expenses BEFORE your insurance company would start reimbursing you. Ask your insurance company if they cover the code 90834 which is for a 50-minute psychotherapy session. We do work with a company called Mentaya. They can help you get reimbursed more quickly!

How can I afford therapy?

Therapy can be expensive. It really is an investment in yourself. There are three main tricks to get quality mental health treatment AND save some money.
1) Get reimbursed by your insurance company for sessions.
2) Use an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA if you have one. We use them just like a standard credit card.
3) Asking for sliding scale availability. This is a discount off of a therapist’s standard rate.

I don’t live in the Philadelphia area, can you see me as a client?

Yes! We currently serve many states across the country and have therapists licensed in different states. Contact us to learn more about our current availability and see if we can work with you!