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You deserve to live an incredible life. 

We are a team of experienced therapists in the philadelphia area dedicated to helping you break free from negative patterns and live the life you always wanted.

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Before I became a therapist, I struggled with an eating disorder and substance use disorder. I promised myself if I ever made it to the other side, I would dedicate my life to helping other women heal. I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and stuck... to think is my life ever going to get better?

I know it can. That’s why I founded Therapy for Women. Whether you are struggling with your mental health or just need some guidance, our  authentic and highly skilled therapists will help you move beyond your limiting beliefs so you can create the life you have always wanted..  


I'm Amanda E. White


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Is anxiety preventing you from living your life to the fullest? Maybe your life looks great on paper, but you feel something is missing. Our anxiety specialties are here to help!


Depression can rob you of your ability to feel joy.   Our therapists use DBT, CBT and ACT to help you recover and start living the life you deserve. 


Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, or looking to make peace with food and your body, our specialized therapists can help you regain your life!


LGBTQIA+ folks are more likely to struggle with their mental health due to stigma and discrimination. Our therapists personally understand and are here to support you.


Are you struggling with drinking too much? Our therapists specialize in a harm reduction and non stigmatized approach to alcohol and substance use. 


Teens are facing more mental health struggles than ever these days. We equip teens with the skills and support they need in order to build confidence and thrive.

Specializing In:


Trauma looks different for everyone. Our dedicated therapists use approaches such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems, somatic therapy and other holistic approaches to help you heal.


Women face unique struggles with their mental health due to our patriarchal society. We specialize in working with women, mothers, postpartum, infertility and more.


Contrary to popular belief, OCD is not just a love of being organized. OCD can seriously impact your quality of life. We use ERP (the gold standard of OCD treatment) to help you heal. 

Therapy can and should change your life. Our experienced providers have conducted hundreds of sessions with women just like you. They do not just sit and nod, but provide you with the tools and skills you need to start creating the life you want. 

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Scheduling your first therapy appointment can feel overwhelming, but the booking process shouldn't be. Our interactive forms, and friendly staff make it easy to find the perfect therapist for you! 


Our providers are authentic humans who have all been to therapy themselves. Many have dealt with the exact issues they specialize in treating. So you know when you are digging deep in therapy, there will be no judgement from us.

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We Believe In Doing Therapy Differently

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We Currently Serve 42 States Virtually

Currently we do not service clients in Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Oregon, Mississippi, New Mexico and New York

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"No practice has helped me the way they have."

"I have been to many therapists for trauma work but no practice has helped me the way Therapy for Women has. This practice is based on mutual trust. Your therapist will happily share bits of their own life experiences. This always makes me feel less alone in what I am experiencing and make sessions feel so comfortable. I really think this practice is something special and I am SO happy I found it when I did."

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