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As someone who has recovered from trauma, substance abuse, and an eating disorder - I know what it’s like to be where you are.

I saw the lack of modern approaches to mental health care, which is why I’ve teamed up with compassionate therapists to provide you with tools to heal effectively, and move beyond your limiting beliefs. 

We love to share tools, tips and ideas to support your mental health in between sessions. Let's dive in!


I'm Amanda E. White.

Welcome to the Blog

I am so excited to share that my book… Not Drinking Tonight… is officially available for preorder! This book is really my manifesto. It may be about alcohol, but I can guarantee you, every one of us will benefit from this book. It talks about alcohol use as a symptom of much deeper rooted issues […]

by Becca Adleberg, M.Ed Ah, self care. Did the image of someone with a clay face mask on and cucumbers for eyes appear in your mind when you read that? In my head, it’s a woman with her head of hair wrapped in a purple towel and an annoying, blissful smile on her face. There’s […]

by Leah Wright, LCSW The past two-and-a-half years have been an interesting journey for all of us. Our world shifted dramatically in March 2020, and we had to adjust to new norms beyond our control. If motherhood was also part of your equation, the pandemic probably felt (and may still feel) even more isolating, scary, […]

By Erika Pranzo, LPC “Fake it til you make it,” “sleep when you’re dead,” “power through it.”  Growing up in the competitive dance world, phrases like these were the only ones I knew. That’s why, when I first stepped onto a yoga mat in early adulthood, I was struck by the instructor’s words: “just being […]

I am so excited to share that my new book, Not Drinking Tonight: The Workbook, is officially available everywhere books are sold! Though it is designed specifically for therapists, this workbook will benefit anyone wanting to dig deeper into why they drink. And while it focuses on alcohol, think of alcohol as the portal to […]

By Melanie Greenberg, LSW Every year I tell my clients to prepare for the darker months at the end of August. Despite issuing this warning, I am still rocked by how suddenly I am personally hit with seasonal affective disorder every single year. I falsely believe it can’t be that much worse than the good […]

By Hannah McGrath, MA, M.Div Clients often ask, “why is it so much harder for me to be kind to myself than it is to be kind to other people?” I relate to this frustrating question, and it makes me reflect on my own path to becoming kinder toward myself. Your journey might look different […]

by Becca Adleberg, M.Ed Ah, Fall. Pumpkin spice lattes have appeared, leaves are changing colors, and for some people, anxiety may be starting to feel worse. SAD, or Seasonal AffectiveDisorder, affects around 10 million Americans annually. More colloquially known as “seasonal depression,” SAD can play a large role in increased anxiety this time of year. […]

by Becca Adleberg, M.Ed Halloween has always been my favorite. Beginning October 1st, I consider spooky season officially upon us, and my clients see me in all of my glory. We’re talking spooky sweaters, pumpkin pants, glow-in-the-dark earrings, you name it. Then comes the penultimate day of Halloween. My home is always filled with little […]

by Melanie Greenberg, LSW It’s interesting to grow up with Taylor Swift and experience various milestones and heartbreaks along with her. Folklore and Evermore were incredibly important to me. I identify as a cottagecore queer, so the folky, soft lyrics that felt like warm candlelight became a source of comfort and helped me get through […]

by Melanie Greenberg, LSW It’s been almost a year since I decided to get bangs. My esthetician told me I could rock a shag, a look I thought I couldn’t pull off because I wasn’t gay enough or cool enough. I’d be a poser. People would talk about me and say I look bad. My […]

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