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Join licensed therapists, Amanda White, Gabby Salomone and Fernanda Formel every other Tuesday as we break down therapy topics and answer your questions. Think of us as the therapist friends you wish you had in your back pocket. Friends you could text in the middle of the night and ask...

Welcome to the Therapy for Women podcast

 "Is this normal?"
 "How do I tell this to my partner?"
 "I saw this TikTok video telling me I have x it true?"

We've got you! Whether you're contemplating therapy for the first time, are already in therapy, or are reconsidering it, this podcast will empower you with tips, advice, and plenty of REAL TALK to help you get the most out of sessions. 

Just imagine if we could crawl through your phone to answer your burning questions about therapy, mental health, relationships, sex, and everything in between. Well, pull up a seat, pop on your headphones, and get ready!

Start your journey

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You are a human being. Stop expecting yourself to have all the answers. 


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Gabby Salomone, LCSW

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Fernanda Formel, LMFT

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Amanda E. White, LPC

Executive Director & founder
 Of Therapy for Women

clinical coordinator and Marriage & family therapist

Clinical Director of therapy for Women and Therapist

Meet Your Hosts

I love the Therapy for Women Podcast! Each episode I listen to here...I feel like I don't want them to end. I love that even though they are therapists, they show up authentically. This is going to be my new go-to podcast! Can't wait for more episodes!
- Sherry M. 

Sound and solid advice!

Listening to the Therapy for Women Podcast feels like sitting around your living room in sweatpants and chatting with friends. They make you feel safe, heard, and validated. And, I always come away from it with interesting facts about Anxiety, OCD, sex therapy, or whatever they are talking about that week.
 — Leona S.

Feels like a hug in a podcast!

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