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As a teenager, I found myself sitting in a therapy office with a stranger who my family said would help, I was skeptical, but was anxious, depressed and desperate to regain a sense of control over my life. She changed my life and inspired me to become a therapist myself. Therapy helped me learn not only to believe in myself, but how to trust myself- my actions and my emotions. Being able to witness individuals gain confidence in themselves is one of the most rewarding parts of being a therapist. 
I specialize in working with individuals who have anxiety, depression, grief and loss, career exploration, and substance use disorders. I have many loved ones who are in different forms and models of recovery. I practice utilizing a person centered; strength based approach, with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems woven in. I believe that every human is intricately complicated and beautiful, and what is needed in their healing journey is unique to them. I am committed to building a place where you can be authentically you, in order to discover what works best. 

SPECIALTIES: anxiety & depression, ADHD, career exploration, grief & loss, substance use

Jessica Pinti Dunson, LMHC, LCAS

Serving Clients in Arizona, North Carolina & Florida

(Licensed Certified Addiction Specialist)


Fast Facts

I take my coffee with limited coffee. I prefer a splash of caramel and vanilla syrup, yes both, with a heavy pour of oat milk.

to be an olympian gymnast, many, many moons ago I was second in the nation for floor exercise.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Nationally Certified Counselor
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist

how do you take your coffee?

childhood dream:


A dance class called Body Jam, that has hip hop and latin flares. 

Favorite way to move your  body:

My mom's homemade chocolate and peanut butter cake. She homemakers everything from scratch, and that peanut butter icing is EVERYTHING. 

favorite dessert:

St. Lucia

favorite place you've travelled:

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