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Growing up, I found sex and sexuality to be important parts of life that no one talked about (especially in the household I grew up in). I found myself doing lots of research regarding sex, sexuality, motherhood, gender, reproductive rights, sexual health, and sexual education. At the age of 17, I realized I often found myself listening to and supporting others; then I discovered therapy. I could finally combine my interest in sexuality and gender studies with my ability to support and listen. Instantly, I knew this was the career path for me.

As a therapist, I strive to provide a comforting and humanistic support to my clients. I take a collaborative and client-centered approach. In other words, I try my hardest not to prescribe a predetermined agenda. I approach each session with an adaptable mindset so that I can follow where a client’s mind leads and be the emotional mirror that may be needed. I also know that the internal world is closely tied to relationships, and a difficult situation is rarely isolated to one person.

I create a space where clients feel empowered, validated, and confident in their voice. I value building genuine, honest, and transparent connections. Their needs, feelings, and self-reflection are the first priority in my therapeutic approach. Compassion and empathy are ever present in my work.

SPECIALTIES: couples counseling, Adolescents, Sex Therapy, Peri/prenatal, & parenthood

Fernanda Formel, LMFT

Clinical Coordinator of Old City Office


I am the youngest of six which probably explains it 😆

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Master's Degree in Sex Therapy
Gottman Trained Level 1 & 2

what influenced you to become a therapist?


Dancing- by myself, in a group, with a partner, at a club, in the kitchen. Anywhere and everywhere, you're likely to see me dancing

favorite way to move your body:

Iceland with two of my closest friends. We ate delicious food, drank the best water (if you've been to Iceland, you know what I'm talking about), hiked everywhere, and saw beautiful landscapes. I quickly searched how to permanently move there - it's not easy


I LOVE matcha. Lattes, cakes, cookies, anything... give me all things Matcha

coffee or tea?

Hippos! They're strong, adorable, and have all the sass I hope to embody one day

favorite animal:

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