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Have you heard of the word Hygge? It is a Danish word that loosely means to get cozy and embrace the cold weather. If you struggle with seasonal affective disorder like us, hygge is a great approach. It is easy to forget how hard SAD can hit us. Fall turns into winter so quickly and […]

by Hannah McGrath, MA, M.Div Clients often ask, “why is it so much harder for me to be kind to myself than it is to be kind to other people?” I relate to this frustrating question. It makes me reflect on my own path to becoming kinder toward myself. Your journey might look different from […]

by Becca Adleberg, LPC SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, affects around 10 million Americans annually. More colloquially known as “seasonal depression,” SAD can play a large role in increased anxiety this time of year. Ah, Fall. Pumpkin spice lattes have appeared, leaves are changing colors, and for some people, anxiety may be starting to feel […]

I make most of my costumes; the sparkles are sewn into each piece of fabric with love and care. Each piece I create proudly accentuates the body that I have and love.

It’s interesting to grow up with Taylor Swift and experience various milestones and heartbreaks along with her. Folklore and Evermore were incredibly important to me. So, the folky, soft lyrics that felt like warm candlelight became a source of comfort and helped me get through the darkest parts of COVID-19. I never anticipated that her […]

It’s been almost a year since I decided to get bangs. My esthetician told me I could rock a shag, a look I thought I couldn’t pull off because I wasn’t gay enough or cool enough. I’d be a poser. People would talk about me and say I look bad. My whole life had been […]

by Chris Turpyn, LPC Life is a journey of adventure, reward, and, sometimes, intense challenge. When you least expect it, your life can change forever. I can relate to that feeling all too well. I am here today because therapy helped me through the darkest days of grief following my only child’s unexpected death in […]

Keeping treatment relevant, timely, and on track. Therapy doesn’t need to be old school. At Therapy for Women, we believe in working to remain at the forefront of therapy techniques, methods, and technologies so we can best support our clients. Which is why we are proud to announce our use of MoodLinks and RecoveryRecord to […]

by Leah Wright, LCSW Hi, my name is Leah! I am a therapist, a mom, a wife, and a feminist. I fell in love with helping people in 2015. That’s when I decided to make the jump and apply to graduate school to become a therapist. Now, I feel incredibly lucky to be part of […]

by Simone Dougherty, LPC Which organization do you work with and what do they do? I volunteer with Free Mom Hugs, which is a national organization whose mission is equality. Free Mom Hugs attends Pride events and offers hugs to members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, we also do presentations, panel discussions, letter writing campaigns, […]

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