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My therapist friends and I have a joke that every human should be assigned a therapist at birth; that’s how confident I am in the power of therapy. I’ve spent many years of my life sitting down with a therapist, and to say it’s been transformative is an understatement. Therapy has helped me navigate my childhood struggles, faith transitions and pivots, and big decisions in a way that allowed me to evolve and change however I need to. I've witnessed both personally and professionally the power in someone being heard and accepted for exactly where they're at. It’s been a reliable, stable part of my life and, as a therapist, I aim to be the same way for my clients. 

My approach to therapy is making you the boss. Therapy is an investment of your time and energy and I want to honor that. My job is not to tell you what to do, it’s to give you the tools, education, and professional insights that motivate and inspire you to recognize what is best for you. As your therapist, I will be with you every step of the way as we navigate ups, downs, decisions, mistakes, and big wins. I pull from CBT, ACT, strengths based, and solution focused techniques to help and guide you as you do the work. My goal at the end of every session, no matter how challenging the work was, is that you leave feeling validated and empowered. I will be honored to be apart of your journey. 


Sam Dalton, LCSW

Serving Clients in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Utah & Virginia


Fast Facts

To have a cooking show on Food Network.

Being stuck in the open ocean

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Trained in ACT and Trauma informed CBT
Training in faith crises personally and professionally

childhood dream:

biggest fear:


My younger sister and I went to the same day camp as Liam Neeson’s kids. We saw him multiple times and had a few conversations. Super nice guy. 

best celebrity sighting:

The Peloton (#proudlybasic)

favorite way to move my body:

My little brother Alex. He is severely disabled and he has taught me everything I know about empathy, service, and love. 

my greatest teacher:

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