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I am passionate about creating a non-judgmental, safe space for my clients to share their stories. I specialize in working with clients with grief, loss, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+ issues, and eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder or if you are hoping to have a better relationship with food or your body.) As a grief specialist, I work with individuals with all types of grief... death, pregnancy loss, infertility, breakups, life transitions. Grief can show up in many different ways in our lives.

 I utilize a person-centered and strength-based therapeutic approach, tailoring sessions to meet each person’s individual needs. I understand that overwhelming feeling of meeting with a therapist for the very first time and feeling as though what happened during that one session could greatly impact my road to recovery. My goal is to create an environment in which clients can share freely and be positively impacted by feeling valued and heard. I strive to connect with each client through humor, respect, and work diligently to build mutual trust. I look forward to each person’s unique journey! 

Life is truly a journey of adventure, reward, and at times, intense challenge. I became a therapist because my own experience in therapy helped me through my darkest of days. I walked into therapy broken and came out the other side committed to being that person for someone else. I became a licensed therapist so that I could use my life perspective to help others and feel honored every day to be able to walk with clients on their path to healing. I look forward to meeting you!


Chris Turpyn, LPC

Serving Clients in Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, Missouri & Vermont


Fast Facts

Exploring new restaurants as I am a huge foodie!

Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Grief Counselor 
Health at Every Size Clinician 

Ideal saturday:


My absolute passion is travel and most recent trip was to Egypt in March 2022. Some favorite spots are Kotor (Montenegro), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Valencia (Spain), and Ushuaia (Argentina). That’s so hard – there’s so many amazing places out there!

favorite trip?

An actual meet and greet with Keith Urban!  

best celebrity sighting:

Charles Schulz (Peanuts creator). Growing up I wanted to create my own cartoon strip and then later wanted to be a Disney animation artist.

childhood hero:

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