by Julie Belling, LCSW The changing of the seasons is always very symbolic: nature blooming, the warmth of the sun, and animals waking from hibernation. Springtime is my absolute favorite in Philadelphia. I love seeing the city bustling and the beautiful colors of the trees and flowers. This time of year can positively impact our […]

If you struggle with an eating disorder or have a difficult relationship with your body. Fitness may be a complicated piece of your life. It may be tied to changing your body or looking a different way. Keep reading to learn how one our therapists changed her relationship with her body through acceptance. I sought […]

by Becca Adleberg, LPC Ah, self-care routines. Did the image of someone with a clay face mask on and cucumbers for eyes appear in your mind? I think of a woman with her hair wrapped in a purple towel and an annoying, blissful smile on her face. There’s also tranquil spa music playing in the […]

by Erika Pranzo, LPC “Fake it til you make it,” “sleep when you’re dead,” “power through it.”  Growing up in the competitive dance world, phrases like these were the only ones I knew. That’s why, when I first stepped onto a yoga mat in early adulthood, the instructor’s words struck me. “just being here is […]

by Hannah McGrath, MA, M.Div Clients often ask, “why is it so much harder for me to be kind to myself than it is to be kind to other people?” I relate to this frustrating question. It makes me reflect on my own path to becoming kinder toward myself. Your journey might look different from […]

I make most of my costumes; the sparkles are sewn into each piece of fabric with love and care. Each piece I create proudly accentuates the body that I have and love.

by Jessica Heymann, LSW Reaching out for support and beginning your therapy journey is often daunting. So, if you have recently decided to start going to therapy, way to go! We hope you can give yourself the pat on the back that you deserve for taking such a big step. Unfortunately once you decide to […]

by Gabrielle Salomone, LCSW Another year around the sun, my birthday is quickly approaching and this is a “milestone” birthday. I will be the first to admit that I have good years and bad years when it comes to my day of birth! What do I mean when I say good years and bad years?! […]

Just in case you didn’t know, the talented Elaine Jackson, LCPC has joined our team full time! She is able to see clients virtually in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. 1. Let’s start off with where you’re from– where are you from originally and if you’re not still there, where do you live now? I […]

Why don’t you start off and tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a Baltimore, MD native (Go Ravens!) and have been in Philadelphia for the past four years. I started my “career” in musical theatre, and while it is still a huge love, I realized my passions were elsewhere. I am a huge […]

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