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by Simone Dougherty, LPC Want to be a better ally but unsure where to start? Here are my best resources for you! Know the terminology. Language and culture are dynamic, and the queer community reflects these shifts. Take the word “queer,” for example. Once thought of as derogatory slang, most folks now embrace queer as […]

by Melanie Greenberg, LCSW, M.Ed It’s been almost a year since I decided to get bangs. My esthetician told me I could rock a shag, a look I thought I couldn’t pull off because I wasn’t gay enough or cool enough. I’d be a poser. People would talk about me and say I look bad. […]

by Simone Dougherty, LPC Which organization do you work with and what do they do? I volunteer with Free Mom Hugs, which is a national organization whose mission is equality. Free Mom Hugs attends Pride events and offers hugs to members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, we also do presentations, panel discussions, letter writing campaigns, […]

Why don’t you start off and tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a Baltimore, MD native (Go Ravens!) and have been in Philadelphia for the past four years. I started my “career” in musical theatre, and while it is still a huge love, I realized my passions were elsewhere. I am a huge […]

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