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Welcoming a new child into this world can be a time filled with excitement and joy. For new mothers, the postpartum period can bring a flood of emotions. While attention is given to postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety is another critical mental health condition that can affect new mothers. Recognizing the signs and symptoms is crucial for receiving timely support and treatment. Here are 6 common signs to look out for.

photo of a woman holding her baby with postpartum anxiety

In a world where appearances seem to take precedence in our lives, many individuals struggle with their self-image. For some, concerns about appearance can become so overwhelming that they develop a mental health condition known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), also known as Body Dysmorphia. Understanding this condition and its treatment is important for those […]

Being a highly sensitive person can feel like both a blessing and a burden. On one hand, highly sensitive people are often empathetic, intuitive, and feel a deep connection with their emotions. On the other, they can be easily overwhelmed by sensory input, emotional stimuli, and the complexities of human interactions. Therapy can be a […]

ADHD doesn’t discriminate. It can affect both men and women, and many of the signs and symptoms are similar. But, women often face a few unique challenges when it comes to ADHD.  First, this disorder is often referred to as a “children’s condition,” not necessarily an adult one. It’s true that most people are diagnosed […]

You’re a checker. It’s who you are. You love a good to-do list. Crossing items off of it almost gives you a thrill or a burst of energy. But your checks don’t just stop there. You’re constantly checking anything and everything you possibly can. Is your oven off? Check. Did you unplug your hair straightener or […]

There are many myths about eating disorders. As a Health at Every Size therapist, there are many things I wish more people understood about eating disorders. Let’s break down the four most common myths about eating disorders that cause harm.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a mouthful that encapsulates its core processes. Essentially, EMDR is a trauma treatment modality designed to target and reprocess traumatic memories stored in the brain. When trauma memories are stored in a dysfunctional way it can cause us pain and mental health issues.

by Sam Dalton, MSW, LCSW If you are thinking about setting New Year’s Resolutions, keep reading for some tips on how to make them work for you! As a therapist, the new year has become an interesting moment of both observation and reflection. In my observation, social media platforms become filled with a flurry of […]

by Julia Johnston, LPCC, LICDC Stress is inevitably a part of our lives. It’s a natural human response to address challenges or changes in life. Stress doesn’t have to be a negative. We can use stress as a motivator to complete our to-do list; it lets us know what is important to us, boosts our […]

by Erika Pranzo, LPC Yoga is a powerful tool for stress relief. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, stress often follows. If your stomach is already in knots thinking of facing family members at Thanksgiving, or if your heart is racing imagining all the Christmas gifts you “have” to buy, take a pause. Ongoing research […]

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