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As someone who has been through therapy, I have stumbled and been through the awkward, the difficult, and the messy with different therapists throughout my life. I understand firsthand that it can be difficult to be vulnerable, and I am here to provide a safe and brave space to embrace and welcome all my clients, meet them where they are at in their mental health goal journey, and assist in becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

So, welcome! My name is Valerie. I specialize in working with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, struggling with self-esteem issues, phobias, motherhood, and parenting difficulties using a person-centered approach with DBT and CBT! I have worked with a broad age range and have developed a passion for establishing strong therapeutic relationships with my clients. It is very important to me to create a judgment-free zone that my clients feel safe and comfortable. I invite all individuals who have felt alone, lost, or afraid to take that step in their mental health journey. I also speak Spanish and would love to work with any clients who would like therapy in Spanish!  Let’s do this together!


Valerie Rivera, LPC, NCC

She/Her.       Can conduct sessions in Spanish!

Fast Facts

Junie B. Jones. I think she is still my hero. I aspire to be as confident and wacky as she is.

Childhood Hero?

favorite trip?


Making a yummy breakfast, head out to a thrift store or an estate sale, and listening to my favorite music on the way there.

Perfect saturday?

My self confidence goals and venturing into interior design. I love retro modernism styles.

My favorite trip has to be the spontaneous road trip adventure I took with a friend where we stopped in a different city each night for a concert and I got to crowd surf for the first time.

Master's degree in Clinical Counseling
Nationally Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor
Trained in CBT and DBT
Bilingual and can conduct therapy in Spanish

what are you currently working on?

My family is Peruvian so ANY Peruvian dish! If I had to choose, it would be picante de mariscos which is a seafood platter with a creamy sauce with a side of rice and yuca. 

favorite Meal?

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