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For the sake of this post, I am discussing the heteronormative, penis-vagina intercourse ideology of virginity and sex. Lately, with many of my clients, I’ve been relating experiences to my favorite problematic structure, The Patriarchy. I’ve referred to it as my party trick or my version of “Six degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon” because […]

I remember the first time I used sex toys in front of a partner. I’d been using an old back massager since I was about 12 years old, discovering pretty young that it felt good (probably thanks to blurry images of the Spice channel I’d sneakily watched after begging to stay home from school). It […]

Why is everyone so horny for Bridgerton? When I was a tweenager, going to the movies was one of the main highlights of my social life. Every weekend, my best friend and I would choose which movie we would like to spend our money on. Her parents would drop us off if mine picked us […]

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