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For years, I used drugs and alcohol thinking these substances were the only way to deal with my anxiety and depression. Over time, my symptoms worsened and I realized there had to be another way. When I became willing to go beyond the quick fixes and make some deeper changes, I sought help. Slowly, I began to heal and gained a better perspective on my life. Now, as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I truly value the opportunity to join people as they commit to life’s most important journey, the journey to find ones self. 

As a Certified Trauma professional I have dedicated my career to helping individuals heal from their past wounds. I work specifically with clients healing from childhood trauma and neglect, sexual abuse, attachment issues as well as grief and loss. My experience will allow me to use different modalities that best support your needs in the present moment and help you find relief. My training in EMDR, will allow us to go places beyond traditional talk therapy and help eliminate blocks that you may have experienced in the past.

I am highly knowledgeable and trained in working with individuals who struggle with addiction and substance use, offering a compassionate and non-judgmental approach. I find it important to meet clients where they are in their process and to focus on the underlying issues that motivate the addictive cycle. We will learn to view addiction as a symptom and combat the shame often associated with drug and alcohol use. 

I also understand the unique challenges faced by members of the LGBTQIA+ community and am dedicated to providing culturally competent and affirming therapy. I work intentionally to create a safe and supportive environment for clients to heal and grow. With my expertise and understanding, individuals can expect to receive the highest quality of care and support on their journey towards recovery, wellness and relief in their darkest times


Sydney Ciarrocchi, LPC, CCTP


Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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No plan works for me 🙃

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I bake a perfect chocolate chip cookie 

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I am proud of how I show up for people in my life

I am currently working on being more present in my personal relationships 

Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Trauma Professional 
EMDR Level 1 & 2
Advanced Training in Substance Use Disorders

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Believe it or not it was to be a therapist…. too much stage fright for Saturday Night Live  

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