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With almost a decade's worth of experience in behavioral and mental health, I am well versed in the variety of issues which can bring an individual to therapy. As a person who has struggled with substance use, depression, and relationships, I know how important it is to find a therapist that "gets it". My most effective therapeutic intervention is fostering an authentic, compassionate connection with my clients to help honor their strength and resilience throughout the healing journey. I believe in the therapeutic value of creating a judgement free space to help individuals process their life challenges as they work to actualize the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.

My background in mental health and substance use has helped me better understand the intergenerational family dynamics which often contribute to and impact the presenting problems of my clients., I use an eclectic blend of CBT, EMDR, ACT,, Narrative Therapy, and Family Systems Theory to provide trauma informed care to each of my clients. I enjoy helping my clients develop the emotional regulation skills, healthy boundaries, and self-care practices to make meaningful and sustainable changes to improve their relationships and mental health. 

SPECIALTIES: Anxiety & Depression, ADHD, Family conflict, grief & loss, substance use, trauma

Aleksandra Freiling, LCSW


Licensed in PA & MA

Fast Facts

Being a person in long term sobriety

Most proud of:

favorite trip?


Spending time outdoors with my dogs; napping and binge reading a book off of my never ending "must read" list.  

Perfect saturday?

Falling flat on my face and getting back up. To say that I'm stubborn, is an understatement. I almost always need to learn the hard way. 

Glacier National Park in Montana, where I ugly cried almost the entire trip because I was so overwhelmed with the beauty all around me. 

Master's degree in social work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in PA & MA
Certified Grief Counselor 
EMDR Level 1 & 2

who or what is your best teacher?

Running! I ran my first half marathon in November and can't wait to do another.

favorite way to move your body?

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