MoodLinks & RecoveryRecord

Keeping treatment relevant, timely, and on track.

The author demonstrating use of MoodLinks and RecoveryRecord apps.

Therapy doesn’t need to be old school. At Therapy for Women, we believe in working to remain at the forefront of therapy techniques, methods, and technologies so we can best support our clients. Which is why we are proud to announce our use of MoodLinks and RecoveryRecord to deliver superior, life-changing care.

MoodLinks is designed to help stay connected between sessions. It provides the opportunity for clients to engage with evidence-based interventions outside of their therapist’s office in high risk moments. It also integrates cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy approaches into clients’ everyday life and visualizes progress for their specialists to deliver more personalized care.


MoodLinks allows clients to navigate their own unique paths to managing mood and receiving support on an ongoing basis. Clients can connect with their specialists for in-app support. They can also receive daily inspiration, plan ahead for triggering events, and access over 100 strategies for managing anxiety, depression, and stress.

True transformation starts with a genuine therapist-client connection, which starts with authenticity. MoodLinks helps Therapy for Women providers do so.

“I love that I can give praise in the app that clients can see before our next session together,” says Gabrielle Salomone, LCSW, Clinical Director of Therapy for Women.


Similar to MoodLinks, RecoveryRecord is a space for those specifically struggling with eating disorders. It allows clients to log meals and take notes in a live journal, which their therapist has access to. There are active coping skills built into the app, along with evidence based scales that highlight progress.

“Often, with eating disorders, clients feel isolated,” says Salomone. “This app allows me to check in on them between appointments. I can see when my client has challenged themselves. I can see when they are having a bad day. And I can send reminders and affirmations to them.” 

If you would like more information about MoodLinks and RecoveryRecord, or if you would like to begin using one of the apps with your therapist, reach out to us!

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