Exploring Sobriety

Amanda E. White, LPC

If you have ever wondered if sobriety is for you, let’s dive into this topic. And yes, you can be sober and STILL have this much fun!

Drinking is up all over the world right now, and it concerns me. Not because I’m sober and want to convert people, but because as a culture we don’t talk about the ways alcohol negatively impacts our mental health.

Instead we often say, some people are alcoholics and have problems and others don’t. It’s so black and white and protects us from having to honestly assess our behaviors.

You do not have to be an “alcoholic” to stop drinking.

You don’t even have to have meet any criteria on this list other than YOU WANT TO. Or want to improve your health.

If you’ve thought about your relationship with drinking, been longing to feel better, reduce stress and deepen your relationship with yourself and others… you may be sober curious!

Based on my experience, here are 15 reasons you may want to question (that means simply explore—no pressure or judgement here.)

Have you ever wondered: What could I gain if I stopped drinking or explored sobriety?

1. You WANT to

2. You’re sick of being hungover

3. You’ve started drinking alone

4. It’s negatively impacting your relationships

5. You’re known as the “fun one” in your friend group (when you drink)

6. Drinking no longer feels worth it

7. It’s negatively impacting your performance at work

8. You often tell yourself “I’m never drinking again”

9. You want to live a life you don’t need to escape

10. You wake up with anxiety and shame the day after a night out drinking

11. You’ve started adjusting your goals and values to fit your drinking habits

12. You have to drink more than you’d like to in order to get the same affect

13. You use it to cope with your emotions or anxiety

14. People have told you they’re concerned

15. Your entire social life revolves around drinking

There’s no right or wrong with this list, I’m not saying YOU HAVE to do anything if you meet criteria on this list, it’s just a space to get curious.

When I first started exploring sobriety, I was (and still am!) so grateful for the many leaders of the sober curious movement and their openness about their experiences—which is a big part of why I chose to be open about my sober lifestyle, how I got here, and what it looks like.

Those that are sober, how has your life improved since you stopped drinking?

Those that are sober curious, what questions do you have about not drinking?!

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All My Love,