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Center City, Philadelphia

2133 Arch St, #303 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Gabby Salomone, LCSW

Lauren Berado, LCSW

Julie Belling, LCSW

Jess Heymann, LSW

Arielle Cosgrove, LCSW

Valerie Rivera, MS, NCC

Melissa Huff Smoldt, LPC, LMHC

Zara Khan, MS, LPC

Sydney Ciarrocchi, LPC, CCTP

Aleks Freiling, LCSW

Hannah Mcgrath, MA, MDiv, LPC

Leah Wright, LCSW

Ash Gyuriska, MA, NCC

Jeannine Hinnant, LPC

Clinical Director

Clinical Coordinator at Center City office

Therapy can and should change your life. Our experienced providers have conducted hundreds of sessions with women just like you. They do not just sit and nod, but provide you with the tools and skills you need to start creating the life you want. 

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Scheduling your first therapy appointment can feel overwhelming, but the booking process shouldn't be. Our interactive forms, and friendly staff make it easy to find the perfect therapist for you! 


Our providers are authentic humans who have all been to therapy themselves. Many have dealt with the exact issues they specialize in treating. So you know when you are digging deep in therapy, there will be no judgement from us.

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We Believe In Doing Therapy Differently

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In our effort to make therapy more accessible, we have partnered with Mentaya. They work directly with your insurance company to help you get reimbursed. See if you qualify!

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