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In my senior year of high school, my life took a very drastic and unfortunate turn, as my family faced a traumatic event, leaving all of us, especially me, in a horrible mental state. After months of enduring this state and struggling with depression and anxiety, I eventually started therapy. After reflecting and thinking about what a fulfilling and valuable experience this was for me, I knew I wanted to be able to provide the same kind of guidance and support to others in their time of need as well as break the stigma of mental health. I am in therapy to this day, which has allowed me to continuously work on my personal and emotional growth. 

Within my training as a therapist, I have worked with various communities: college students, first-generation college students, BIPOC folks, Asian Americans, and community mental health settings. I can speak and conduct therapy sessions in English, Urdu, and Pashto.  I enjoy working collaboratively and helping individuals develop healthy coping skills and enhance their strengths in order to develop a toolkit that can be utilized outside of therapy.  I use techniques such as Mindfulness, CBT, DBT, and ACT.  My goal is to give you a safe space where you can finally put into words the things we swallow throughout the day; formulating these thoughts and words can then help with formulating our hurts, wants and emotional needs. I am honored to be a part of your healing journey and help you achieve your mental wellness goals.  


Zara Khan, MS, LPC


Fast Facts

Ice cream; specifically half-baked from Ben & Jerry’s. 

favorite dessert?

what are you proud of recently?


Being a witness to people’s stories and growth. 

greatest thing about being a therapist?

Coffee is my love language! An iced vanilla latte is the key to my heart. 

For fulfilling my new year’s resolution for the very first time, which was to try new foods and new experiences. 

Licensed Professional Counselor in PA & NJ
Master's degree in clinical counseling
Nationally certified counselor
Fluent in English, Pashto and Urdu

how do you take your coffee?

Dance! I was on a competitive Bollywood Fusion dance team in undergrad. 

Favorite way to move your body? 

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