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by Stephanie King, LPC Grief- what a ride. It’s not a ride that anyone asks to be on, but it’s something we will all experience in our lives to some degree. If you’re lucky, it won’t be until you are old and gray. My first experience with gut wrenching, life changing grief came 10 years […]

I am so excited to share that my book… Not Drinking Tonight… is officially available for preorder! This book is really my manifesto. It may be about alcohol, but I can guarantee you, every one of us will benefit from this book. It talks about alcohol use as a symptom of much deeper rooted issues […]

Amanda E. White, LPC Drinking is up all over the world right now, and it concerns me. Not because I’m sober and want to convert people, but because as a culture we don’t talk about the ways alcohol negatively impacts our mental health. Instead we often say, some people are alcoholics and have problems and […]

Hi there, friends! We’ve noticed some questions that come up much more frequently than others, so we’re going to cover the Therapy for Women Center FAQs. If there are any we missed, feel free to contact us at info@threapyforwomencenter.com. Okay, let’s get into it… Q: How can I still go to therapy and save money? […]

Here’s an embarrassing and true story: when I was in graduate school I went on an interview for my internship; it wasn’t until more than halfway through the interview that I realized I was at a facility that specialized in treating substance use disorders!  I will never forget the look on my (soon to be) […]

The Background… I grew up as a figure skater from the age of 9. Though it absolutely became fuel for my eating disorder, for a great deal of the time, skating was simply an authentic expression of movement that felt good in my body. I loved the feeling of ice under my skates. I loved that skating combined […]

Despite it being “the most wonderful time of the year”, the holidays can be tough, especially for those of us with Substance Use Disorders or Eating Disorders. After making it through quite a few sober and eating disorder symptom free holiday meals, and supporting hundreds of women through them, I’ve compiled a list of my best tips that I myself […]

Two months ago, I wrote an incredibly vulnerable and important blog about my experience of being raped. It was simultaneously was one of the best things I’ve done but also one of the scariest by far.  Today I want to talk to you about an equally important conversation, and one that is somehow even more vulnerable because of […]

I was sitting in an AA big book meeting roughly a year ago. I opened the cover and scribbled on the first page read “willingness without action is fantasy.” The quote hit me in the stomach. Sometimes we need that in recovery…a wake up call. The quote found me at exactly the right time. Since grad school I […]

So here’s the truth- as I reflect on the completion of my latest trip around the sun, it’s amazing how different I expected my life to be and even more amazing how much BETTER it turned out. Nothing in my life turned out as planned and now I’m so grateful for that. By this time […]

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