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Get to Know Becca

Why don’t you start off and tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a Baltimore, MD native (Go Ravens!) and have been in Philadelphia for the past four years. I started my “career” in musical theatre, and while it is still a huge love, I realized my passions were elsewhere. I am a huge outdoor person, and love to learn and explore!

What made you want to become a therapist?

I describe myself as an “anxious therapist”. I struggled with anxiety (and still do), and know the toll mental health can have on our lives. So, I wanted to share what I learn with others, while helping them find the strength they already have inside. I will always be open with clients, as I believe transparency is most important in the therapeutic process.

Tell us about your approach to therapy…

I use ACT and REBT, a combination of mindfulness and meditation with cognitive exploration. Acceptance and Commitment therapy works to help you embrace your thoughts in an act of self love, while Rational Emotive Behavior therapy is the challenge to those negative thoughts. I believe the two work beautifully together in showing you your own strength.

Do you specialize in anything particular?

I specialize in a few things, but my passion is working with the LGBT community! Both with sexuality as well as gender. As a queer woman myself, I love meeting others with diverse experiences and helping them navigate life’s challenges.

Do you have any tips for how allies can celebrate Pride?

Allies are more than welcome to pride celebrations. Being a true ally means raising our stories at these events, and always being willing to learn.

What does Pride mean to you?

To me, Pride means freedom to be myself. It means raising awareness and acceptance for the LGBT community. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get to make the world a bit more of a rainbow place.

Becca specializes in anxiety, depression, adolescents, OCD, and LGBTQ+ mental health. To learn more about Becca, read her bio here.

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