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Willingness Without Action is Fantasy
I was sitting in an AA big book meeting roughly a year ago. I opened the cover and scribbled on the first page read “willingness without action is fantasy.” The quote hit me in the stomach. Sometimes we need that in recovery…a wake up call. The quote found me at exactly the right time. Since grad school I had been saying that I wanted to start my own private practice but somewhere along the way I found comfort and security in my job at a drug and alcohol rehab center. I had steady pay, plenty of support and the comfort of knowing that I would always have a steady stream of clients. Being in private practice is…vulnerable. People cancel, they relapse, they no-show, they get angry, and you don’t have a larger institution to support and protect you when things get messy. I’ve learned vulnerability is messy, as is anything worth having in life. 

​So there I am sitting at a meeting on a Friday night with truth staring me right in the face. It begged the question, the dream of opening a private practice would remain, just that, a fantasy, without action. The very next day I created a plan for how my private practice could become a reality in one year. I set a date and I began sharing this with other people and began to learn what it would actually take. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how willing we are, if we put it on a dream board or meditate about it if we are not taking action. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proponent of all such things, its just that wanting it is not sufficient for actually making it happen. The entire point of manifestation is to put us in a space where we are willing to take action and new opportunities to act open up for us. 

While I may be talking about something that is more of a luxury, I am clear that this quote applies to all parts of our life. When we are struggling, its easy to be willing. We say we will do anything to get better, to feel better, to not keep repeating our destructive patterns. Then, we take action. And guess what? Things get better. But somewhere along the way we lose our willingness. Saying that we are willing or “being” willing makes no difference. It is only through ACTION that things can move forward. So my invitation to you today is, whether you are struggling with something such as depression, anxiety, or an addiction, or you are simply looking to take the next step in your life, as yourself… what actions am I taking? If the answer is none, get real with yourself…I ask you, what is it going to take?

with grace,