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Growing up in an immigrant family where mental health was rarely discussed, I took my own mental health and the mental health of my family members for granted. Through seeing loved ones struggle with their mental health and through my own healing in therapy, I learned how important it is to provide a space where others can feel safe, affirmed, and empowered. I became a social worker because I value empathy and authenticity, and will bring these values when working with individuals.

My top priority in my therapeutic approach is to create a collaborative, reflective environment that follows where an individual’s needs are. I use an eclectic and strength-based approach, drawing from Cognitive Behavior Therapy interventions and mindfulness techniques to support individuals in their mental health journey. I have previously worked with individuals who are experiencing anxiety and depression among adolescents, young adults, BIPOC folks, and LGBTQIA+ communities. My goal is to meet each individual where they are at and support them in achieving their mental health goals. 

SPECIALTIES: adolescents, anxiety & depression, bipoc mental health

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Annie Xu
Master's Level Intern


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